Types of rock

Travertine is also a sedimentary rock, which is made up of layers of calcite formed from the accumulation of organic matter in hot springs and spa areas. The stone has a natural honeycomb structure, where water has flowed through the material.  It is a very strong stone, which when cut into tiles exposes the small holes on the surface. These holes can be left unfilled to leave a natural texture or they are pre-filled with a very hard resin and honed smooth. Small holes may appear on the surface of the tiles over time; this is part of the charm of this ancient stone. The best quality travertines have a high density, which means the holes in the honeycomb structure are smaller. There are many colours of travertine from beige travertino classico, golden travertine, red and yellows, silver, blues and whites from Italy, Turkey, Iran and Mexico.

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Stone is not inherently cold. On the contrary, stone is wonderful at heat transference and retains heat for long periods.  If you have a well-insulated house with modern central heating then a stone floor will normally be a few degrees below the ambient temperature of the room. The floor temperature will also depend on what is underneath the floor (i.e. the subfloor) and how well insulated it is. 

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New ranges of tiles and now shutters and blinds from Diamond

Spanish tiles are delighted to show off new range of kitchen and bathroom tiles. New in the range of polish ceramic tiles in both grey and black perfect for both the hallway, and front garden paths.

Another innovative product range we are launching this summer include a new range of shutters and blinds. Please note these will not be available on our website and can be seen at our new sister company Diamond shutters in Kent.


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