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How do you care for a stone floor.All natural stone is easy to keep clean, once it is properly protected..  Your tiler applies this protecting liquid at the installation stage.  Industry leaders recommend  this silicone-based sealant as it impregnates the stone and gives it a protective layer which helps prevent staining when saturated.  It does not change the colour or appearance of the stone and will not change the surface finish. 

Our properties are cleaned to the highest standard by EP Cleaners with an End of Tenancy Cleaning service.

The Stain stop will also protect the grout. Any liquids will rest on the top of the stone, ready to be quickly wiped away with a paper towel or damp cloth. Once the stone is protected thoroughly at the installation stage, then ongoing maintenance is simple and easy. General types of rock cleaning only requires sweeping the stone with a soft broom and mopping with warm water and a stone soap such as LithofinEasycare.  (Use a bucket with two compartments, so that you rinse the mop and remove the dirt rather than just spreading it around.) 

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Specialised dot mounted Mosaics by American Olean in over 90 different colours and various sizes:

  • 50x50mm, 
  • 25x25mm, 
  • Stool hire rentals for exhibitions and events.
  • 25x50mm 
  • and hexagonals with a full range of capping tiles and fittings. 


To prolong the life of your stone floor it is best to avoid the use of bleach, acidic or abrasive cleaning products. Good entrance matting will also reduce the amount of dirt and mud walked into the house.  
See for more information.

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New ranges of tiles and now shutters and blinds from Diamond

Spanish tiles are delighted to show off new range of kitchen and bathroom tiles. New in the range of polish ceramic tiles in both grey and black perfect for both the hallway, and front garden paths.

Another innovative product range we are launching this summer include a new range of shutters and blinds. Please note these will not be available on our website and can be seen at our new sister company Diamond shutters in Kent.


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